our ACCESSORY designers

We are proud to showcase independent, ethical designers from around the globe,

most of whom are exclusive to us in the NYC region. 


rebecca schoneveld

Why We Love Her: Schone Bride is the flagship boutique for Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal, so our team of expert stylists have the privilege of working directly with Rebecca- plus having her entire collection and even archived styles on hand- to create the perfect gown for every bride that walks in the shop!

Why You'll Love Her: Rebecca's collection of is entirely customizable and inclusive, with sizes from 00-30. Every bride has the freedom to hand-pick details that make her feel like the best version of herself on her wedding day. The majority of the collection is hand-made right here in Brooklyn, NY!


Price Range: $1800-$4200



Why We Love Them: Delicately designed and produced in Vancouver, Canada, Truvelle's gowns personify modern femininity in the coolest way. Through thoughtful use of sequins, chiffon, and unexpected lace, brides will feel like a refreshed, inspired version of the girl next door.

Why You'll Love Them: So effortless! Truvelle offers skirts in several varieties of color and style, as well as top styles that can be styled in multiple different ways, all at an easy-to-justify price point.


Price Range: $1500-$2200


charlie brear

Why We Love Them: Producing and designing chic pieces from across the pond, Charlie Brear's simplistic elegance is a staple here at Schone. The London design team constantly provides us with fresh takes on classic silhouettes that keep our team inspired.

Why You'll Love Them: CB masters the art of mix and match. Their collection consists of contemporary gowns which pair perfectly with unexpected skirts, overdresses, toppers and accessories in fabrics and fits that are to die for. 


Price Range: $1800-$3600


anais anette

Why We Love Them: The sisters who create Anais Anette have honed their skills from a young age and totally understand fit and fabrics. Their gowns are graceful and elegant, which actually is the meaning of both "Anais" and "Anette". Every gown theirs that we carry features lace which is expertly cut to flatter the form perfectly. 

Why You'll Love Them: If you have your heart set on lace, this is a great collection for you! We have curated a variety of shapes and styles from their collection, so no matter if you want something form-fitted or freely flowing, you can find gorgeous options!


Price Range: $2000-$3000



Why We Love Them: A new sister brand to Truvelle, Laudae, was created by the same rad team in Vancouver, to offer a flirty, fitted counter part. Laudae is an eco-friendly brand that works hard to minimize their carbon footprint during every step of design, production, and shipment.

Why You'll Love Them: If you are hoping to feel both modern and sexy on your wedding day, this brand has options for you! They boast forward-thinking design elements like velvet, geometric lace, and high slits! Additionally, their gowns utilize subtle boning and stretch lining, which helps to keep all of your gorgeous self held in just the right place.


Price Range: $2000-2700


claire la faye

Why We Love Her: Hand-crafting and designing in Portland,OR, Claire excels at creating a gown for the bride who wants something whimsical, but is still creating her fairytale on her own terms. 

Why You'll Love Them: You crave a gown that is light, luscious and shines just as bright as you do. Whether it's sequins or silk, you can find the perfect way to display your elegance in Claire La Faye.


Price Range: $2000-3200


chantel lauren

Why We Love Her: We adore the dynamic duo behind these gowns! Chantel designs charming gowns which are then hand painted by her husband Tyler in their Salt Lake City studio. Though they have country roots, their gowns transcend location and perfectly round out the creative offerings we have here at our Brooklyn boutique.

Why You'll Love Them: If you want your wedding gown to be an expressive work of art, this collection is for you. Full of gorgeous color, fun touches of fringe, and modern shapes, these gowns are perfect for a bride who wants to wear something lively on her wedding day.


Price Range: $2200-$4200


divine atelier

Why We Love Them: We are always seeking designers who have a unique perspective on bridal fashion, who aren't afraid to push the envelope a bit. Divine Atelier has just the right amount of edge, taste, and romance. Based in Bucharest, Romania, their team is tight-knit and willing to think outside the box. They can work with almost any customization we throw at them.

Why You'll Love Them: Their attention to detail is unmistakeable. From swiss dots, to playful ruffles and gorgeous top quality lace, Divine Atelier is a brand with eclectic touches that take a typical feminine wedding gown to the next level. 


Price Range: $2300-3500


alyssa kristin

Why We Love Her: Designed and produced by a former accountant in Chicago, Alyssa Kristin designs crisp gowns with an eye to precision. Her designs aim to make brides feel like their most confident self.

Why You'll Love Them: The fit of Alyssa's gowns hug your curves in all the right ways. That great cut combined with the touches of sequins and pearls create a vibe that is elegant, sophisticated, and modern.


Price Range: $2300-3000